It's All Nothing

by Wendy Rich

Released 2016
Released 2016

A native Texan, Wendy Rich was born and raised in the Houston area... and joined her first band at the age of 13. She joined her first blues band in 1989, shortly before she relocated to the Tampa Bay area. Since her arrival in 1990 Wendy has established herself and her band the Soulshakers, as a mainstay on the regional club and festival circuit. Over the years she has taken her band on the road on the east coast and to Europe as well as producing 5 CDs. In the year 2000 Wendy took some time off from the Soulshakers to tour with the legendary Big Brother & the Holding Company. She performed with them at venues all over the US and Europe through 2004 and remained friends with guitarist Sam Andrew until his passing in 2015.
Her latest labor of love, “It’s All Nothing”, was recorded in Nashville, TN, Houston TX, and even Largo FL! The Nashville tracks were produced by Kevin McKendree (who also produced her “Driver” CD) while Texas tunes were overseen by Andy Bradley.

“… Wendy Rich
Produced by Wendy Rich
Executive Producer Dudley P. Allen, Texas Music Work
Tracks 1,2,4 & 6 Recorded at SugarHill Studios, Houston,Tx by Andy Bradley
WITH: Kenny Cordray - Guitar, Mark Andes - Bass, Paul English - B3 & piano, Tyson Sheth – Drums & Eric Demmer – sax

Tracks 3, 5 & 7 Recorded at The Rock House, Franklin, Tn by Kevin McKendree
WITH: Rob McNelley – Guitar, Steve Mackey – Bass, Kevin McKendree – B3 & piano, Lynne Williams – Drums, plus guitar overdubs on track 3 by George Harris

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by Wendy Rich

Released 2015
Released 2015
Real music and real musicians make this record of original retro ,soulful. bluesy tunes with a touch of Americana country a must have!
Featuring Delbert McClinton's stellar band Dick50 backing up long time Texas soul/blues singer /songwriter Wendy Rich
Florida based artist Wendy Rich collaborated with Grammy Award winning musician and producer Kevin McKendree (Brian Setzer, Delbert McClinton, John Oates) in Nashville, TN to create this solid album of soulful material.
Wendy penned many of the tracks.... such as the title track Driver, Tides Of Change and Repossession, as well as co-writing with Kevin and ACM (Academy of Country Music) 2014 Guitar Player Of The Year Rob McNelley (Bob Seger) and Sean Corbett on the …
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Feels Like I'm Drowning

by Wendy Rich

Released 1998
Released 1998
Feels Like I'm Drowning is Wendy's FIRST full length CD, released in 1998. She wrote ALL but one of the eleven songs! The tunes are a fun mix of blues & groovy rock..with a lot of spirit and 70s vibe!
  • 04:12 Don't Mean a Thing
  • 04:58 Lyrics Let's Make Love

    My heart is singing, the sun is shining down on me

    I think I might be dreaming, God filled me with this energy

    the wind is blowing, its hands caress me everywhere

    my soul feels like it's glowing, baby let me take you there

    C'mon let me hold you , transfer my energy

    Let our bodies move in rhythm , ain't that the way life's supposed to be

    Yeah Im talking freedom, mother earth, well Im talkin love

    too many rules and too much greed

    they're missing out on what we need


    Cmon let's make love

    do what comes naturally

    yeah cant we give each other what we want, what we need

    live our lives in harmony and be free

    yeah I say Cmon Lets make Love


    Love is the answer to the question of today

    and everywhere you turn there's hope

    if you don't turn the other way

    yeah Im talking Freedom , Mother Earth, Heaven up above

    turn on your light so you can see

    the brightness of eternity




  • 04:06 Can't Help but Wonder
  • 05:30 Self Destruction Blues
  • 04:36 Call It Inspiration
  • 03:24 My Baby's Gonna Be Mad
  • 04:26 Working Woman Blues
  • 04:01 Tongue Tied
  • 03:42 Goodbye
  • 04:27 Here I Am
  • 03:23 Feels Like I'm Drowning
Most tracks feature various members of Wendy's longtime Tampa Bay area band Wendy & the Soulshakers.
with founding members Steve "Red" Lasner on guitar on all tracks as well as George Harris on guitar for track 10 and Corey Wheeler on guitar on Track 7.
Stevie "Backbone" Way on bass (RIP) on tracks 1,2,4,6,7,8,9 & 11, Tim George on Bass for tracks 3, 5 & 10...
Pat Geoffrey Sweat on keys , tracks 1,2,6,7,8 & 9, Gentleman John Street on keys tracks 4 & 11, Ron Reinhardt on keys tracks 3, 5 & 10,
Dave Reinhardt …
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This Time

by Wendy Rich

Released 2007
Released 2007
A collection of original and cover songs performed by Wendy with members of her long-time Florida based Soul/Blues band the Soulshakers ! A rollicking and eclectic selection for your bluesy rockin', soulful enjoyment
Wendy Rich is a Soul and Blues vocalist, dynamic performer and songwriter from Texas...influenced by greats like Etta James, Aretha, Janis and more..she does retro and real music...Has toured with Janis's original band Big Brother & the Holding Company and performed with her own band the Soulshakers all over the world!
.for more info on Wendy go to:


Produced by Wendy Rich
Recorded and Mixed …
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