From the recording Feels Like I'm Drowning


My heart is singing, the sun is shining down on me
I think I might be dreaming, God filled me with this energy
the wind is blowing, its hands caress me everywhere
my soul feels like it's glowing, baby let me take you there
C'mon let me hold you , transfer my energy
Let our bodies move in rhythm , ain't that the way life's supposed to be
Yeah Im talking freedom, mother earth, well Im talkin love
too many rules and too much greed
they're missing out on what we need
Cmon let's make love
do what comes naturally
yeah cant we give each other what we want, what we need
live our lives in harmony and be free
yeah I say Cmon Lets make Love
Love is the answer to the question of today
and everywhere you turn there's hope
if you don't turn the other way
yeah Im talking Freedom , Mother Earth, Heaven up above
turn on your light so you can see
the brightness of eternity